BeyondTech Recruitment Methodology

With globalization, overseas recruitments have picked up the pace and opened gates for Indian professionals to prove their mettle. BeyondTech Consulting are the leading human resource consultants from India, connecting overseas companies with the most qualified individuals. Well equipped with vast knowledge of the international industries, our staff members offer excellent data base for international placements which meet the specific needs of our clients in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, U.A.E, Oman, Middle East, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, US & European countries.

Beyont Tech IT Services

BeyondTech Executive Search

Executive Search

With our Executive Search Services we enable corporates to find adept candidates for their human resource needs. With our distinguished teams and recruitment processes, we aggregate a talent pool according to the client and industry requirements. Our understanding of every changing human resource environment, helps us provide quick and relevant executive candidates. We take up the complete process from interviewing to selecting to training the candidate, according to the client requirements.

BeyondTech Personnel Selection

Personnel Selection

Selection of the right candidate forms the crux of recruitment process. With our structured executive search processes we aggregate a talent pool of prospective candidates, our selection process commences after. Our structured process of candidate selection are customised to client requirements and needs. We have teams dedicated to servicing each vertical, understanding and fulfilling the sectors expectations and the prerequisites. Be it selecting an individual or a complete team, our team is equipped to handle each requirement in quick turn around time.

BeyondTech Temporary Staff

Temp Staff

Many corporates prefer to recruit temporary staff for small gestation projects and addressing urgent human resource requirements. With a multi-disciplinary selection of temporary staff comprising qualified accountants, attorneys and insurance experts, among others, we can help you choose a specialist or team at any level to suit your interim needs. Whether you require personnel for a short term, a specific project or to meet your seasonal staffing requirements trust us to match your expectations.

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